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Databases get corrupted or damaged easily, so one of the most common problems an IT professional has to face is how to recover a database. DBF Doctor offers to help you restore data from a database. Obviously this program is not intended for inexperienced users, as it requires theoretical knowledge about databases. Nevertheless, the interface is easy to use and will pose no difficulty for the type of user it is meant for.

Two recovery methods are available. In this regard, you can use automatic recovery, which is backed by a powerful engine that ensures good recovery chances. This operation is extremely fast. On the other hand, if you prefer to do the process yourself, you can use manual recovery.

The procedure starts when you select a corrupted or damaged DBF file and open it with this application. In this respect, DBF Doctor will let you browse the contents of databases that cannot be opened by standard database managers. If you keep backups, you can repair your database by importing its structure from the corresponding backup file.

In general, if you are an IT professional dealing frequently with databases, DBF Doctor will definitely come in handy.

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  • It is easy to use
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